A Plus Service Centre has a wide range of tyres both brand and economy tyres in all sizes for cars, vans and 4×4?s. We are competitively priced and all prices quoted include fitting, balancing and safe disposal of old tyre. All of our tyres are E-marked and comply with current NCT regulations.

4-Wheel Electronic Wheel Alignment

Second Hand/Part Worn Tyres

The ITIA believe that part worn tyres can be a real safety risk, as you do not know the history of the tyre. It may have been in a crash or damaged internally. Such a tyre would look ok on visual inspection, but would be a serious risk to drive on. You wouldn’t put second hand brakes on your car and we advise that you do not put second hand tyres on too.

4-Wheel Electronic Wheel Alignment

If your tyres are wearing unevenly, this is an indication that something is wrong. E.g. Wheel Alignment. We have the very best in electronic wheel alignment systems which is updated bi-annually to ensure that we have all the up to date manufacturers specifications.

Winter Tyres

We have a range of winter tyres available. These can be sold with or without steel rims and are the perfect long-term solution to our changing weather conditions.

Snow Socks*

These are the perfect emergency item for driving in the snow. We have a range in stock for most car sizes. Each pack has a pair of snow socks. See the brief video below on their use.

    * Not to be driven on normal roads.

A Plus Services are are a Goodyear Dunlop Agent and we are an Approved Leaseplan Tyre Supplier.

Goodyear Dunlop are the brand for people who believe in the wonder of opportunity and want to get things moving. These tyres empower our customers to feel free and enjoy their journey, because we know that being on a journey means making every moment count. These are our moments of truth – where the rubber meets the road.

In 2012 Goodyear plays a leading role in the introduction of the EU tyre regulation label, making sure customers make a well informed decision on all relevant aspects when buying tyres. Goodyear’s AA concept tyre is launched on the same day that the EU Label legislation is communicated. Under the new labelling scheme, the AA concept tyre achieves top marks on both fuel efficiency and wet grip.

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