Classic Cars in our Workshop

While our everyday focus is on more modern cars, we love to see a classic car coming through our workshop doors! In the past few years we have worked on a wide range of classic and vintage cars from 50's Mercedes to 60's Jaguars and 70's Ford Escorts to American Muscle Cars (Ford Mustangs,Pontiacs & Corvettes) and Classic Super Cars (Ferraris & Aston Martins)

Servicing Classic Cars

At A Plus we are adept at sourcing parts from the UK, European and the United States. We can manage everything from simply repairs and servicing to bodywork and right up to full restorations. Our auto electricians can also help to sort out those annoying electrical faults. Need classic radial tyres ? call us for a quote today! If you require anymore information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01 2866815.